The Problem

As the biggest pet food store in the Illawarra, Pet Food Kingdom is well worth the drive for people in the Illawarra, regardless of where potential customers live. The challenge was Pet Food Kingdom’s main customer base was largely from locals in the immediate Figtree area.

Pet Food Kingdom needed to find a way to communicate to the broader Illawarra market of shoppers that they are the biggest, and the savings are worth the drive regardless of where you live.

i98FM was the perfect way to do this.

The Plan

In consultation with i98FM, Pet Food Kingdom prepared a major weekend sale – designed to promote Pet Kingdom as THE BIGGEST in the Illawarra, and, to drive a whole new base of customers into their store.  i98FM’s creative department created Polly Parrot, a squawking character that featured in the Pet Food Kingdom commercial.

For 3 days leading up to the weekend sale, Polly Parrot squawked across the i98FM airwaves announcing their 20% off sale in a solid advertising schedule.

The Performance

The weekend sale was a massive success generating a 50% increase above their normal trade across all product lines! New customers came from all areas of the Illawarra and Pet Food Kingdom reports an increase in ongoing turnover ever since the sale ended.



The Problem

DBT Agencies were seeking new methods of reaching potential business opportunities within the Illawarra. Having recently experienced disappointing results from a previous radio medium campaign, DBT Agencies were reluctant to meet with i98FM due to their lack of belief in radio as a medium to reach their potential customers.

The Plan

After several professional meetings with i98FM senior account executive Michelle Moores, she was able to uncover the primary objectives and new creative message was designed working along side our script writing team. This message was targeted directly at its intended customer to maximise its impact and reduce time wasters through the design of an optimum effective scheduling plan where the commercials are scheduled at key listening times.

This was achieved by using AC Neilsen data.

The Performance

The campaign was highly successful and on the days the commercial aired DBT Agencies received between 4- 6 phone calls a day which were then able to be converted into business opportunities

We offer our most sincere thanks for your professional skill in constructing the campaign and also for your continued concern on a virtually weekly basis, making contact with us to make sure the campaign was ‘on track’ and producing the desired results” – David Tually Managing Director DBT Agencies



The Problem

Pyrah Insurance was looking to attain new customers in the Illawarra but was facing stiff competition against the larger companies.

Pyrah Insurance needed to develop its brand and raise public awareness of its business.

Developing a Sound Strategy

To develop an effective solution to the challenges we were facing, a series of brainstorming meetings was held involving i98FM’s Creative Director, Announcer, Advertising Account Executive, and Derek Pyrah from Pyrah Insurance.

Tapping into the range of experiences and opinions a plan was developed that focused on Pyrah Insurance’s strengths and its ability to provide a personal service to its clientele.

The Plan

Working together a series of targeted commercials was produced focusing on different industries and services. These commercials were related to real people and real situations to highlight the benefits and differences that Pyrah Insurance offered.

In line with the branding of Pyrah Insurance as a personal caring company we also displayed the fact that they were a first-class corporate company by explaining their connection to the Charity Village Aid.

The Performance

At the conclusion of the campaign we found that the targeted commercials had delivered the desired results, with policies being taken up by those in the advertised industries.

The effectiveness of the campaign was evident with the influx of enquiries and new business. The success of the campaign has lead to it paying for itself 3 times over.



The Problem

Illawarra Work Gear were a new and small business, entering into a highly competitive market. A location that was good although not ideal, and a name that no-one had heard of meant that they had to let the workers of the Illawarra know of their existence.

The Process

Illawarra Work Gear primarily cater for Tradesman and blue collar workers, supplying everything they need to work safely. Therefore we had to appeal to these people when they were driving to and from work, and while they were on the job. We also had to speak there language, and be on there level.

The Plan

In order to let people know of the services provided and the location of the store it was important that we hit the workers ears as often as possible on a very tight budget. To achieve this we designed a series of 15 second commercials and a 30 second commercial that were aired at specific times in the day. The creative was executed using a tradesman like voice over artist. We also did a series of ‘Street Fleet’ crosses on location which brought people directly to the new store.

The Performance

In the first 6 months of trade Illawarra Work Gear increased sales by $10,000 per month, had to double the floor space, employ extra staff and have since gained many highly lucrative contracts with some of the biggest employers in the Illawarra. All of these successes have forced Illawarra Work Gear to re-locate to much bigger premises, with the business expanding each month. Advertising on i98FM has brought in new customers who have in turn spread the word about Illawarra Work Gear.