Much More Than Radio

i98FM is much more than radio, it's about people who help their clients achieve results. Radio is just one medium that we use to get those results, we also love a good web campaign and with the power of Australia's biggest regional TV operator WIN TV we can run you a great television campaign as well.

Our resource team would rather not be known as radio experts, they're marketing professionals from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds who approach your business with no preconceived ideas and who can bring a extraordinary diverse range of resources to help your business once they have established your requirements.

We have dedicated teams to help unleash your campaign ranging from the core competencies of creative, promotions and added values through to event management, new media and inhousing the synergy's of all our associated and joint venture companies.


The station's website is highly promoted and utilised as a marketing tool. It is marketed on air through the news, music features and as the place to find out more information.

Through integrating radio and online campaigns, i98FM can involve clients in the fun and creative environment as part of our website. We can build pages featuring your activity relating to products, promotions or events that are being promoted on air.

Street Fleet

The i98FM Street Fleet are one of the most familiar sights seen on the streets of the Illawarra. i98FM's brightly painted Hyundai i-30's hit the streets each day filled to the brim with giveaways, which reflect the aspirations and interests of the i98FM listening audience. The Street Fleet is a very effective promotional & sampling product device that businesses keen to market new products or wishing to build further awareness of their products can utilise the Street Fleet with outstanding results. Beyond sampling the Street Fleet are able to conduct live promotional activities, stunt based work or simply create an interactive experience to deliver the core values for your business.


On-air promotions are an essential aspect of i98FM's marketing mix. Our promotions are a tool by which the station achieves its strategic goals. Therefore, the station's most powerful commodity it's own promotional air time.

Station promotions can provide clients a powerful vehicle to leverage the station brand and extend their own brands of experience. In this section the standard or ongoing station promotions are provided.

A consumer's choice of a radio station is not dictated by a price consideration. Radio is intangible... it is free. A listener's loyalty to a particular radio station is attained by fulfilling a need and creating positive interaction.

Promotion can do both.

Our aim is to have listeners remember our station so that keep tuning it, because they love it. i98FM uses promotions to encourage listeners and to keep them listening longer. As a commercial music station i98FM concentrates on three main areas:

Major event-oriented promotions (literally "events" or event stunts) are designed to create top-of-mind awareness. Events like "The Best Of..." mobilise large groups of our listeners. Even when they don't directly participate, they enjoy the entertainment value. Successful event-oriented promotions provide i98FM quotability and visibility.

On going promotions, comedy and music features are designed to increase the length of time people listen to radio. Survey promotions, Check Ups and All Request Weekends are an example. These promotions/features have a continual on-air presence thereby encouraging the listener to stay longer, resulting in increased station share. These kinds of activities highlight I98FM's product attributes. Living up to our attributes creates time spent listening. All Request Weekends, for instance, reinforces the image that I98FM features a wide variety of music. Consistent promotions of this nature ultimately enable the station to "own" a position.

Sponsor-driven, sales-oriented promotions provide a win-win opportunity for the station and clients alike. Media buyers recognise radio promotions provide "more bang for their bucks". An on-air contest can be a very exciting vehicle. If the promotion and prize are exciting, the response can be dramatic. More often than not, when a client sponsors a promotion, they achieve far more than is achieved through a traditional buy. The promotional spot is an endorsement by the station and as such the inherent goodwill of the audience is transferred to the product.

A promotion can provide clients exclusivity within an innovative concept and the level of exposure can be in excess of what is physically possible to purchase because a promotion is not restricted to advertising guidelines, especially in terms of frequency and spots per hour.

All promotional styles, properly integrated form the backbone of i98FM's strategic marketing campaign. The criteria for any promotion will always address one or more considerations: cume building, quarter hour maintenance, shift recycling, station image and revenue.

Promotions are used to communicate to their target, the advantages of the product, at the same time reinforcing the dial position and the positioning statement that is the promise of the stations product attribute......i98 is 'your station'.

The times are competitive. Continued financial restraint will make promotion more important than ever. Advertisers are seeking to stretch their advertising dollars by attaching a promotion to their buy. An over communicated public have an immunity combated only by excitement, novelty and imagination. Radio promotion is here to stay and at i98FM, that means more fun and more winners.

Live Broadcasts  

There is nothing more powerful than an i98FM Live Broadcast.

We combine the effective strengths of our announcing team along with the i98FM Street Fleet and the dynamic innovative strengths of the Promotions department to create an engaging event that offers experiential marketing benefits to help deliver the brand personality of our clients.

The i98FM Announcing Team  

At i98FM our announcers are ranked as some of the best in the country , and whether your special event involves a grand opening of a new store, a new nightclub, a relaunch, a family day at your location or a top shelf or client evening presentation, our high profile personalities can assure you maximise and raise the profile of your special event.


As part of the WIN radio network, C91.3FM is the radio station of choice in the Macarthur area. If you are interested in delivering your message to the people of Western Sydney please give the C91.3FM offices a call on 46 333 913, or have a chat to your i98FM Account Executive and they can hook you up with the right people.