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Meet Lyndal! 

A typical female - she's finally got her own way. Lyndal's been begging the bosses at i98 for a job for years, for the simple fact that the men are better looking down here and she thinks she'll be able to find a husband.

Fun fact #1: She despises the smell of spearmint after a traumatic experience with mint Trix dishwashing liquid as a child.

Fun fact #2: She insists that her goals in life include stealing Josh Duhamel away from Fergie, marry him and have highly attractive babies!

Fun Fact #3: She refuses to dispose of her Pat Rafter scrapbook that she made as a teen.

Fun Fact #4: She's been practicing the 'Dirty Dancing Dance' for her impending wedding. Date and groom TBC.

Fun Fact #5: Her favourite animals are pigs. Yet she continues to eat them.... but does say that she feels guilty about it. Go figure!

Apart from that.. she's normal.. well, kinda....

She loves a chat and is happy to bend the rules in order to hear a wicked tune, so call her with your requests weeknights between 6-10pm on 4226 9898 or flick her an email

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Our publicity pictures are thanks to Lovelocked Images.  

Parties to Agreement: Paul Wakeling Motor Group, Hyundai & Lyndal Rogers
Date of Agreement: 21st Feb 2011
Obligation: To perform promotional services (appearances/ voiceovers) as an Ambassador for the Paul Wakeling Motor Group
Benefit Provider: Paul Wakeling Motor Group & Hyundai
Value of Benefits: More than $10,000 but not more than $100,000 per annum.